The Arts “Factory”
Students in a summer program perform in the Factory's courtyard

The Arts “Factory”

A renovated former industrial space, Bard College Berlin’s arts building “The Factory” is located at Eichenstrasse 43. 

The building consists of a number of large, light-filled spaces where students can have firsthand experience with the arts and with studio practice. Each studio opens out onto the next, encouraging dialogue and the exchange of ideas across artistic disciplines. This environment is intended for professors to conduct practicing arts classes, for guest speakers to share concepts of art practice and critique, and for students to organize exhibitions and installations, or to present performances, video work and theater plays. 

The Factory is an extremely versatile space that changes each semester depending on the constellation of practicing arts classes. It features a seminar room; private studios mixed with other studios that are used for different functions; a theater space that doubles as a dance space; a small workshop that offers tools and materials for light wood construction, mold making and the assembly of found objects; an AV room that provides technical equipment for various needs; a large courtyard that can be used as a performance space in the warm seasons.

The Factory

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