Transnational Media and Journalism Certificate

Students earning a "Transnational Media and Journalism Certificate" combine studies of the content, history, and effect of various media and technologies with practical training and co-curricular activities. While studying toward their BA degree, certificate students participate and get actively involved in journalistic and related initiatives that are currently shaping the public sphere in Berlin, Germany, and the world.

In contributing to communication outlets such as social media channels, print media, podcasts, broadcasting, and photography, certificate students build bridges beyond campus. They gain first-hand experience at institutions and initiatives with local and transnational reach. Students can also apply for internships in various professional fields and gain credit for them by joining the Internship Seminar. Participation in this seminar depends on successful and timely application for the Internship Program. 

Various workshops and events for certificate students are funded by the DAAD (Integra and STIBET)
Course Requirements

Course Requirements

To earn the certificate, students are required to select five courses from the course catalog  that are cross-listed as certificate courses. Four courses must center on topics such as journalistic practices, creative fiction and non-fiction, media history and theory, or current transnational debates in the German public sphere. One course is a German language course (B2 or higher). Courses must be either 4 US or 8 ECTS credits.

Culminating Project

Students will complete a journalistic project (reportage, film, podcast, article) in English, German or another language on a topic that relates transnational developments and the German public sphere. The project should be published in a journalistic outlet. In a short analysis (ca. 800 words), students will reflect on the circumstances, challenges, and opportunities of the research and publication process of their project.

Co-curricular Activities

As interns, student workers, or contributors to media outlets, students are required to participate in journalistic activities in Germany and transnationally for approximately 100 hours in total. The exact format and time frame of the activities will be individually determined.

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