Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Omar Kasmani: Audible Intimacies: Migrant Saints in a Godless City

Online Lecture
11.00 am CET

Religious sounds – especially for those believers affected by displaced geographies and geo-chronologies of migration – offer forms of critical intimacy with sacred histories. Equally so, sonic scenes in religious ritual offer a bracketed condition of political possibility in the present. Omar Kasmani invites for an intimate listening of an Islamic ritual as a way to appreciate how religion’s ephemera, in particular its sonic-spectral iterations bear the potential to bend norms of religion’s visibility in the urban, thus also eluding its surveillance and governance. Kasmani is interested in how sound’s obfuscating presence survives beyond the ritual and gestures at the limited ways in which migrant/ minority religion might test, even kink normative orders of a so-called godless city.

The event is moderated by BCB Professor of Migration Studies Agata Lisiak.

This lecture is part of the lecture series on Migration in Global History that is taking place within the framework of the Mellon sponsored Consortium of Forced Migration, Displacement, and Education.

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